About Me:

A bon vivant, Jessica Gordon Ryan is a writer, a photographer and a memoirist. The Entertaining House, is where she writes about topics from food to fashion to d├ęcor. The Entertaining House, part magazine, part memoir, is about living well and living a well lived life within a means.

For The Entertaining House, Jessica draws her inspiration from her privileged childhood in New York City, her summers spent both in the South of France and the Adirondack Mountains, as well as her teenage years where she lived in the UK.

A single mother, Jessica strives to live a life well lived within a budget. She believes that life can be stylish, sophisticated (and yet whimsical) within a means. She has recently embraced a Slow + Simple way of living as well. Why create extra steps? Why not eliminate a few along the way to allow for taking the time to stop and smell the roses?

Jessica is the girl in the ballgown who wears Old Navy flip-flops. She is the girl who serves pizza on fine china - The girl who drinks champagne for no reason at all. She loves denim and pearls. She loves the rustic beauty of the countryside and the sophisticated beauty of the city. She loves to dress up and she is not afraid to get dirty. She loves dancing in the rain, and she loves kissing in the rain.

The Entertaining House has garnered attention from top brands, designers and celebrities from around the world.

Jessica owns a boutique company bearing her name, where she provides social media and public relations services, on-site photography, and creative writing.

In addition to creating The Entertaining House, Jessica has been an editor and writer for Freshome where many of her articles have been picked up by Bobvilla.com, Yahoo News, MSN, Dwellinggawker and The Huffington Post. She is also a regular contributor to CTBites, as well as, The Daily Basics where one of her articles was picked up by the Livestrong foundation. She has written for Trulia, and is a regular contributing lifestyle writer for Moffly Media.

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