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Decor, NYC :: Luxury Home Furnishings Repurposed with a Purpose

With features in The New York Times and ElleDecor (and now The Entertaining House!)  Decor NYC, founded by Bruce Tilley in 2011, was born of a desire to create a high end furniture consignment store. As any good businessman is apt to do, Tilley researched and researched, and scouted out the competitors. To his amazement he would learn that there were no competitors. How could such not exist? It seemed that Tilley had discovered a previously untapped market. Decor NYC, located in the heart of Chelsea, is filled with all sorts of finds from antique to midcentury to modern. 

Extremely particular about his selections, Tilley will only accept donations of top quality, in good condition that fit in with current trends. Consignment pieces that are not in good condition, are dirty or stained will not be accepted. A large shipment had just arrived as I entered the store. Tilley ran over to us and apologized for the mess. I saw no mess, just a pleasing organized chaos as his team worked diligently to get the new pieces situated into the store in a way that would enhance or complement the already existing vignettes. From Barratta to Boardman, from Swarovski to Van Der Rohe, from Adler to Starke, from Hunt to Pucci to Valentino, Decor NYC has all the top designers and brands.

The 6,000 square foot showroom is perpetually changing as goods come and go. In addition to furniture, you'll find all sorts of accessories for the home on consignment - everything from photographs, artwork, sculptures, lighting, rugs, mirrors, china, and stemware. Below the expansive showroom is a large basement that's not only used for storage, but allows Tilley to keep the showroom from getting too cramped and cluttered. The impressive inventory allows him to be able to change and create new vignettes on a regular basis to keep the space fresh and new. 

Decor NYC works much like any consignment shop. Tilley will receive the high end furniture in good condition and list each piece at a very competitive price. As is typical, store will keep 50% of each sale. What does not sell after a certain amount of time will either be returned to the consignor or can be donated to Housing Works - with whom Tilley has an established relationship - and the consignor can get the tax write off. Consigning is a socially responsible and lucrative way to get rid of those unwanted items. Conversely, it's an inexpensive way to for those seeking to enter the high end furniture market who might not ordinarily be able to afford such pieces. It's a win-win situation for all parties. There's a purpose to repurpose. There's a sense of responsibility involved. 

Tilleys consignors vary in description - Many are older couples who are downsizing or shifting from 2 (or more) homes to one. There are, as well, divorces and families on the move, and there are those who simply want to refurnish their apartments with a fresh start. Tilley told me that many people are streamlining these days. He compared today's modern decor to modern technology. "Look at technology," he stated as he pulled out his iPhone. "People are streamlining. They want small and compact just like this. We're getting the big bulky dressers, desks and bureaus. Many don't want these oversized pieces any more. There's no more paper. People just need a place to park their laptops." Armoires are no longer very desirable says Tilley and he is certain that the new, larger but trimmer flat panel has a good bit to do with this. Empty nesters and older Americans, in their 70s, are trading in their pieces for those that are sleeker, more modern, and more streamlined. He said the same is true for hutches and cabinets. Because this older generation is paring down to just the basics, in addition to their hutches and cabinets, they're also getting rid of their china. Our elders are about practicality and function. After all, who really needs 2 sets of plates, especially when one set rarely or never gets used? Tilley consigns their fine china as well. 

Decor NYC sees a great many decorators, designers, stagers and realtors walk through its doors, but the store is open to absolutely everyone. His furniture travels well beyond New York City and the surrounding boroughs -  He ships often to Ecuador and Miami and will ship anywhere. 

Decor NYC has a fabulous, informative and interactive website that is constantly changing to reflect the merchandise on the showroom floor. Most of the items photographed for this piece can be found on the site. But Tilley really prefers his customers to come in to the shop. "Furniture is tangible," he explains. "The buyer should be able to come in and inspect each piece closely - touch it, sit in it. There may be markings or paint chips that are not apparent online." These markings may be seen as an imperfection to one person, and as perfection to someone else. 

African artig

Avery Boardman sectional

Marilyn Monroe by Veronique Aonzo

(detail of mirror below)

Biedermeier style 

Tilley inspects a Karl Springer table in the basement below the showroom

A rare Mohamed Ali photograph by Annie Leibovitz 

Above: Bruce Tilley, Founder/Director

For more information please visit the Decor NYC website or better yet and stop by the showroom in person.

Decor NYC is located at 159 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001


*All photographs property of The Entertaining House/Jessica Gordon Ryan

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