Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hummus + spiced homemade tortilla crisps :: A perfect slow + simple snack!

Jessica Gordon Ryan/The Entertaining House

Last week I shared one of our favorites, spiced roasted chickpeas. We also love hummus. Our absolute favorite is Sabra. It doesn't last long. I'm not sure why it's so different and so much better than the others out there, but it is. And so I've stopped making my own. Our favorite is the garlic. A couple of weeks ago I ran out of "good" crackers. By "good" crackers we are referring to crackers that the boys like. Of course everything I buy is good... So we had a brand new container of hummus that begged to be opened but no "good" crackers to spread it on. I happened to have had a ton of flour tortilla shells in the pantry... all it would take was a pan, some spices and, of course, my magic, to turn these plain flour disks into an amazing snack! These are simple and quick to make and are not fried!

12 - Flour tortillas (we like the small ones)
Pam, or similar, olive oil spray
Sea Salt
Garlic powder - Sprinkle seasonings to taste... You may have to sample a couple along the way!

Spray each side of the tortilla with your olive oil spray and place in your pan
Sprinkle the side facing up with your seasonings, cook on medium high for a couple of minutes. You will see the bottom turn a light golden brown or the tortilla will puff up, when this happens flip sides and season the other side. Cook for a couple more minutes. Toss onto a plate and repeat until all the tortillas have been cooked. If you want to keep them warm, place them on an oven-safe plate, in a warm oven (about 250-300 degrees) until you are ready to serve. Using a knife or a pizza cutter cut each tortilla into 12 pieces. Any extras will store in a plastic container for a couple of days. We love these with soups as well!

Note: If you are going to be serving the hummus with a warm tortilla, take it out of the fridge to take the chill off.

Jessica Gordon Ryan/The Entertaining House

Jessica Gordon Ryan/ The Entertaining House

It's cold, damp and dreary outside... I'm thinking this will be a perfect snack for today!


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designchic said...

This looks delicious. I love hummus and spiced homemade tortilla crisps...yum!! The perfect snack for sure