Thursday, January 23, 2014

10 Slow + Simple ways to stay warm during a Polar Vortex

Gosh it's cold out! I'm really ready for summer... but sadly, that's far off on the horizon... I'd love a trip to some place warm, balmy, tropical... and well, that ain't happening either! Meantime I will think warm thoughts and do whatever it takes to keep warm!

1. Cover up!
Don the flannel.
Don the cashmere.
Don the fur.
And by all means layer them all if you must!

2. Stay inside + take cover!
Call it a snow day. Call it a mental health day. Call it hookey. Tell your boss it's ok, I said so!

3. Wrap yourself up.

Grab all your blankets, fur throws and duvets and wrap yourself up. 

4. Light a fire.
Bring your wrapped up self and some pillows and sit in front of the roasty toasty fire. Slowly you'll be able to peel some of the layers away. Bring a book or a magazine or just gaze into the mesmerizing fire.

5. Take a long hot bath.
When I'm chilled to the bone. When nothing else works to keep me warm, I take a long hot bath. For some reason baths work better than showers. Add some of your favorite bath salts or bath gels. Don't forget to moisturize well when you're done. Bring a book. The bath happens to be my most favorite reading nook! The hot water and the heat can be terribly drying.

image via Washington Post
Boeuf Bourguignon via Anthony Bourdain
6. Bake or cook. 
Keep the stove and the oven on. Dishes like chili, mac and cheese, stews, and soups will also warm you to the core. Did you know that the body burns more calories when it's cold out? Go ahead, bake a batch of Tollhouse cookies!

7. Keep a large pot of boiling water on your stove.
The steam will permeate the air adding much needed moisture to your home. Did you know that moisture traps heat? This may explain why the desert doesn't feel as hot as New York City when it's summertime! Add a few drops of vanilla, orange or lemon flavoring from your pantry to add a subtle and clean fragrance to your home.

8. Keep drinking.
Warm fluids will keep you warm. Drink lots of tea and if you drink cocoa or coffee you can enjoy a cup or two as well but watch the sugar and caffeine levels. You may even want to enjoy a nice glass or two of mulled wine at the end of the day!

9. Keep your thermostat set to one temperature.
It's been said that on extremely cold days that it's wiser to keep your thermostat set to one temperature as opposed to lowering it at night and bringing it up during the day. When the temperatures skydive our furnaces have to work doubly hard to bring the temperatures back to a comfortable level and use much more energy. This is especially true in older homes that are not as airtight. Therefore keeping the temperatures up is actually more efficient. If you must lower the heat, consider lowering it to 67 degrees instead of 64.

10. Snuggle up with your honey!

How else do you keep warm? I would love to know! Brrrrrrrrrr!!!


suburban prep said...

in my family we have the pants that have been lined with the flannel and or fleece and they help with the warmth.
I also love the velvet jeans.
I now know why I knit.

Ángela Vázquez said...

Maybe a microwaveable bag of seeds could warm your bed a bit before you get into it! Or you could simply keep it on you while you're sitting on the couch covered with a blanket. I use those bags a lot!

Ángela xx