Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stylish notes on the perfect Slow and Simple Christmas Tree

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While I love to stare and marvel at the opulent, exaggerated, elegant and over the top Christmas tree, there's something sweet, lovely about a simple Christmas tree - beautiful in her own natural way. Graceful, elegant and peaceful. Often, in many settings, less is truly more. 

I couldn't have a tree without ornaments here; the children would never allow such to happen! Our tree, little, but lovely and lush this year, tells a story. We have ornaments of the past - that the children made when they were young and they coexist beautiful with the red and white candy canes my daughter insists we hang every year, that coexist beautifully with the fragile glass, and crystal ornaments. Our tree is not overly filled - she has just enough. She tells a story, the story of us. We have lights on our tree. I love nothing more than, in the morning before the sun is up, to come in to the living room, turn on the tree and admire her beauty while I slowly ease into my day with a soy candle burning and my cup of cappuccino. 

I do love these simple trees below, the children have been asking for little trees to be placed in their rooms....

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I promise to get some photos of our own slow and simple Christmas decor up to share with you very soon!



Jennifer Connolly said...

I love how you describe the tree as the story of you all! That's what our tree does too. Those handmade ornaments are priceless treasures to me. Have a great day.

Laura Madalene said...

Your Christmas tree is really beautiful with the house. It look perfect and for that i liked it very much. Home Decor Ideas