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Stylish notes from the Kitchen :: Homemade gifts Slow + Simple

It looks like we're going to have another snow day here on the East Coast. While this may make it trickier to run errands, take care of last minute odds and ends and, most importantly wrap those presents, it's a great opportunity to bond with your children - young and old - and get creative together. We're busily baking in this house; gifts for friends and teachers. Homemade and home baked gifts are the best. We love giving and receiving them. So don't panic because it's a snow day, hunker down, enjoy the kids and make it a slow + simple day!

Herb infused olive oils are not only lovely to look at but lovely to use. A lovely gift on its own, in a lovely glass jar that can be used and re-used or, better yet, pair it with a crispy baguette so it can be enjoyed immediately!

via Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

Rosemary infused salt. Simple and lovely. You may want to attach a recipe card so that the recipient can replicate the recipe when the salt is gone... or attach an idea card and list all the wonderful foods this can enhance. The recipe couldn't be easier. Click on the link below.

via Valley and Co. Lifestyle

A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down! Sugar cubes are lovely, but sugar shapes are even more fun. What a fun way to serve sugar with coffee or tea. Even better, what a lovely way to add sugar to a Champagne cocktail! Add vanilla, orange essence or bitters to your sugar cubes. This simple and slow recipe is available by clicking on the Serious Eats link below.

via Serious Eats

Don't toss those aluminum, wax paper or plastic wrap packages! This slow and simple idea is recycling at its best! Cover them with pretty paper or even spray paint and you have a gorgeous way to present cookies or other baked goods.

via Pinterest

We all could use a little pampering from time to time. I love the homemade lemon salt scrub I found on Pinterest a couple of years ago. It's so simple to make and you really feel so wonderful after you've slathered this wonderful citrusy mixture all over your skin. It's such a lovely gift and it's the perfect remedy to our dry, flaky winter spring. It's a touch of Spring in the wintertime!

via The Kitchen Beautician

Infused vinegars are simple to make and lovely to look at. Use these in any recipe that calls for vinegar. These infused oils will bring your homemade salad dressing to a new level!

via Garden Therapy

I love herbed butters. My first job out of college was at Williams Sonoma where I learned so much, not just about all the wonderful products we sold but about cooking as well. We often demonstrated our pricier objects, especially around the holidays. Their bread makers were all the rage and our store would smell like freshly baked bread. It was heaven! We often created our own herb butters for these breads. Simply take a stick of softened butter and add any herb to your liking. Dried herbs go a long way, so start with a pinch and add more if needed. Buy unsalted butter and add coarse sea salt to your herb mixture. Divine! To make it healthier, you can use equal parts olive oil and butter. Set to harden in the fridge before serving. Roll the butter and slice it prior to serving, cut into shapes using a cookie cutter, or serve in a ramekin. Note, garlic herb butter makes the best garlic bread, ever!

via Sparkling Ink

Eggnog cake.
You will love me.
For like, forever!
Read my post about this decadent recipe here!

via The Entertaining House/The Entertaining Kitchen

I love to make biscotti. It's a little more time intensive than a regular cookie due to the need to be baked twice, but this recipe is every bit worth the extra time in the oven. You can wrap, write cards, snuggle up with a warm cup of coffee while these bake. This version yields a firm but soft cookie as is traditional in Italy. Bake them slowly... and really, when you bite into them you'll see as simple as they are, they're anything but!

via The Entertaining House/The Entertaining Kitchen

Happy Gifting!

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