Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Resolutions :: Slow + Simple

Somehow, without planning, event, or thought slow + simple became a way of life and a way of thinking. I prefer a life less complicated. I always have. I always will. While I've always marvelled at the many talents and creations of Martha Stewart, she always seemed too complicated for me. Why do in 20 steps what you can do in 5? For a long time I thought I was lazy. I thought I was looking to cut corners... I thought I was looking to cheat, for the easy way out. But that wasn't so. I was really looking to simplify. Life is complicated enough. Life keeps us busy and on our toes, so, therefore why add extra steps? Instead, I thought why not try to eliminate a few along the way. Why can't we enjoy good food, good times, and other worldly pleasures on a simpler level, at a slower pace? Why must we complicate? Why must we rush?

As a photographer I hate to rush. When we rush we miss so much. We miss beauty. We miss opportunity. We miss pleasure. We miss our loved ones. Life is too short to be missing all these wonderful things. I'm fortunate, my camera forces me to slow down. I'm not much of a runner. I don't have a runner's body. It takes its toll on my knees, neck and back. And yet I find myself, sometimes when I am on my long power-walks of 5+ miles wanting to break out into a sprint. And I do, for short spurts. And I notice as I run that the world becomes a blur. And I hate that. I love my walks. I love the clarity of them. I love that I can get a chance to clear my head and I love that I can see far across the Long Island sound, above tall stone walls, through wrought iron gates, through the trees, along the grasses and tall pines. I see wildlife and flowers and beauty and color all around me. And when I run I see none of this. And so why run through life. Why do we not slow down to appreciate the beauty and the simplicity all around us? Life is so complicated. Filled with unanswered questions and worry and wonder... filled with events and plans... filled with much that is beyond our control, so why not control what we can, slow down, simplify, enjoy and still live a life well lived!

So, along with many other things I would like to accomplish this year, 2014 will be a continuation of my quest for the slow + simple. I hope you'll join me!


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Marilyn Leslie said...

Thank you for expressing so eloquently some thoughts that I've had rumbling around in my head.