Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ride, Sally, Ride :: The new perks of biking!

I've been switching up my fitness routine. They say it's beneficial as you tend to use the same muscles over and over again and it's important to use new ones. I consider myself as a very fit and in shape individual - of course I'd like to get rid of my muffin top which has been exasperated by middle age and having had three children - but I digress... and I work out. I try to get a good heart-pumping aerobic workout at least 4 to 5 times a week. (It's an excuse to be able to eat more!) To my Zumba and power-walking routines I've added Cardio kickboxing which I love, weight training and I can feel the burn, and Spinning. Spinning is a fancy name for cycling. A room is set up with about 60 bikes with both men and women riders. Some, like me, prefer to be at the back, and some have Lance Armstrong physiques and drive. It's grueling and thank goodness it's set to music. You push yourself as hard as you can. Yes, you can cheat, however, which for me, is a plus. But I try not to... at least I try not to a lot. You'll sweat. You'll sweat a lot.It's a great leg and cardio work out, but truthfully it does nothing for my upper body so I would avoid only spin routine unless you combine it with another program that focuses on your core, shoulders and arms... because you know we need our arms... to lift our kids, groceries... cases of wine... Priorities, friends!

I don't love spinning. But I will continue to force myself to spin once a week. And not one day more. I've never been a biker. It hurts my knees. It hurts my bum. A lot. Those seats were not created by women. In fact I am pretty sure they were not created by humans. I swear to god my left cheek went numb in that last class. I had one hell of a numb-bum. In my teens I took a bike riding tour through the Adirondack mountains. I lived on my bike for one week as we rode along some treacherous and tortuous paths. In all honesty my bum has never been the same since. So, you may tell me to invest in a good pair of bike shorts... padding isn't an issue, my dears. I have plenty - au naturel!

A leisurely bike ride to the beach could be nice. But you'd have to bribe me. I'd need you to dangle a carrot in front of me... I'd need some sort of reason, some sort of inspiration, if you will, to go on a nice relaxing countryside bike ride....

I think I've found just the thing to make my ride more enjoyable!
Bottle Belts

Bottle Belts

Bottle Belts

Bottle Belts

Ok, I suppose you could use these to tie your water bottles on to your bike... but really, why on earth would you want to do that?!!

These and other clever items can be found on Etsy's Walnut Studios...

Cheers and have a great Thursday!




High Heeled Life said...

You go girl!!! I'm so working on getting my butt to the gym and back on the treadmill and yoga classes. Your article has inspired me to do just that!!! merci.

And that wine holder is the perfect gift for a cyclist (wine loving) friend of mine. Thank you for sharing ... off to check it out.

xo C. HHL

Alex - northstory said...

I love this! Everyone including myself coincidentally posted alcohol and wine related blog posts today. Must be in the air!!

Sarah D said...

Be careful of your knees! spinning is a great workout, but it can be VERY rough on those with knee issues/injuries. be very careful that the bike fits you well or you really may hurt yourself.

judi said...

I haven't tried spinning but I did get into riding my bike - I lost nearly 20 pounds in a 2 1/2 month time frame this fall and really miss biking since it got cold. I actually did nothing else but bike 15-20 miles a day 3 days a week and lost most of the muffin top and some of the upper body weight. I can't wait to get back on the bike (gained a little more than I should have with the holidays, winter and low motivation!)

Love the wine holder!! Will definitely check it out!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

This is so me. I really need to step up my workout. Sounds like you are doing a lot. Wish I could spin, but I don't. I do tennis and that takes up a lot of time, but isn't enough to get rid of muffin top!

This wine holder is too funny! I can think of a lot of people here near wine country that can appreciate that!