Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day tends to evoke the best and the worst of our emotions. We love the idea of love. We love the idea of being in love. We love the idea of celebrating love... giving a card, some chocolates, maybe even receiving a bouquet of flowers. Valentine's Day can quite literally be the the sweetest of days... and yet it can be the most bittersweet. For those who are alone, they can feel so very lonely... But celebrate - not just for requited or unrequited love... Celebrate for the sake of celebrating. Surely, there is somoeone in your life worth showing your love... be it a sister, mother, daughter or best friend. And why not celebrate yourself?

Today is the day to show our love to those who mean the very most in our lives. For many it will mean a romantic night out... For others it will be a meal at home shared with family and perhaps a few special chocolate treats. But this Valentine's Day why not tell all those you love that you love them indeed? 

What's wrong in treating yourself to something extra sweet?
What's wrong with getting some chocolates for yourself... even better, you know. You don't have to share!
Why not do something special for yourself?
Buy some flowers!
Drink Champagne!
I hate for anyone to feel sad and lonely on Valentine's Day...

You see, whether I am alone or not, I love Valentines's Day... I love flowers and chocolate and Champagne and I have never had any problem getting any of these things for myself!

<3 Valentine's Day

So simple and yet so special!  Embellish a layer cake with royal icing "X & O" to make your #Valentine feel extra special.

sweeter outlook.

Valentine's Day DIY gift tag - made to look like a cookie

I will tell you a secret: I actually fantasize about carrying around bouquets of flowers all the time. And I have since I was a little girl.

Pretty Champagne

Wishing you all a Wonderful Valentine's Day!



Cheryl said...

Decorating the house ~ Fresh flowers, a few hearts here and there.... My darling daughter and two of her (our) friends are coming for the weekend, so we will celebrate a girls weekend!!

High Heeled Life said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you my friend!!! Great post ... the commercialization of Valentine's puts to much pressure on singles and couples alike. May everyday be Valentine's! and I agree we need to romance our self too! Hugs, C. (HHL)