Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Business & Social Holiday Party Etiquette

Baron Christopher Hanson and his better half, Emilie Dulles are Twitter friends of mine. He recently  tweeted me the link to a business article he wrote. With spot-on accuracy, he guided and advised his readers on how to be "Rock Stars" at holiday parties this holiday season. As I read, I thought that these helpful tips and reminders shouldn't be confined to the boardroom, but should be followed by everyone attending a holiday event this season, whether it be an office party or a cozy, intimate gathering with close friends.
Hanson gives his definition of a Rock Star. These people are "the mindful, sharp, leadership-oriented people that everyone in the room would like to meet — or potentially work with." We've all seen them. No matter where the setting, whether it be an office party, private club, a gala or a family dinner, the Rock Stars truly stand out from the crowd. 
Here are six tips  that Hanson gives us for creating stellar holiday experiences everywhere you go:
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Bring a bottle of something spectacular. If you don’t know your host’s personal favorite, work your magic to acquire the intel. Fine bottles of wine, champagne, or spirits are a memorable gift that set the tone for you as a guest attending any gathering. Exclusive bottles may cost a little more than everyday purchases, yet the sincerity and gesture, if you can afford such, are worth the splurge. 

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Dress well for each occasion. Not only does dressing well honor your company, your host and yourself, but you will likely end up on Facebook one way or another. Rock stars always dress sharply, make society page editors proud and look impressive on social media.

Marry your best friend
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Speak positively at all times. Politics, religion, and taxes are topics that rarely lead to smiles. Keep your conversations positive, maintain a healthy subject matter, and steer conversations to focus on others. Mutual goals, new commitments, exciting travel and activity plans, a new business, or how well friends and family are doing are ideas usually lead to smiles. Everyone loves to smile!

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Eat. Nothing hurts a host’s feelings more than having their guests not eat what they’ve served. Don’t be shy. Encourage everyone to enjoy. Low blood sugar is anti-rock star.

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Be “that guy or gal” who works a last-minute miracle for the host. One secret every host keeps in reserve is a rock star backup — someone poised and ready to handle the inevitable last-minute contingency. Low on ice, two guests are vegan, Christmas lights burn out — you get the idea. Rock stars acquire and install solutions quickly and quietly.

Thank you notes are always the proper thing to do.
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Send thank-you notes. Everyone entertains, attends dinner parties and socializes via “old school” engraved or letterpress invitations. Old-school manners and etiquette are worth more to relationships than any gold, especially if coworker and associate families are involved. If you send a hand-written thank-you using fine stationery, you will be remembered as an elegant and mindful rock star this holiday season, and someone to connect with in 2013.

Baron Christopher Hanson is the principal of Goal Line PR, a boutique marketing, direct mail, and prepress management firm based in Charleston, S.C., and Washington, D.C. A former rugby player and a Harvard graduate, he can be reached via e-mail or at (843) 641-0331.

Emilie Dulles is the founder of Dulles Designs, an exquisite stationery company, located in Charleston, South Carolina. Her company caters to brides, hostesses and corporations in the US and abroad. 

The weekend will be here before we know... Are you ready to work your Rock Star?




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