Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Kitten Heel :: Stylishly Purrrfect!

Audrey Hepburn in Kitten Heels

Believe it or not the sweet, dumure, often sultry kitten heel has been at the center of fashion controversy. A longtime favorite of mine has been seen as a fraud, neither a true heel or a flat. Some have claimed this simply stylish heel to has little to no sophistication, they've called it doudy and unflattering. There are many kitten heel haters out there and I was quite surprised to learn this as it is, in my opinion, the perfect little shoe.

This perfect little pump, also known as a "petite stiletto" became wildly popular by Audrey Hepburn, who can be revered as the shoe's ambassador. The sweet little heel has been seen on the feet of fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly. In more recent years Michelle Obama has renewed the popularity of the petite heel and they now can be seen all over Hollywood and the streets of Manhattan from designers such as Valentino, Prada, Feragammo and Kate Spade.

The kitten heel is named such due to its short, slender height, generally under 2 iches, with a slight curve setting in the heel from the esge of the shoe. The shoe was created as an alternate to the high, uncomfortable and hard to walk in stilletto. They were also a perfect "introductory" heel for young girls. In recent years pumps and stillettos have seen tremendous popularity, but I am happy to report that the kitten heel is indeed making a comeback.

The kitten heel is, in my opinion, a perfect little shoe that can be worn with anything from jeans to a little black dress. The look is classic and timeless, sophisticated and yes indeed, sexy and demure. They're easy to walk in and look well on all body types and heights. Whether a fashion trend or not, I've never stopped wearing mine and never plan to!

Audrey Hepburn, 1957 in kitten heels

Grace Kelly - kitten heel

Jackie Kennedy in kitten heels

Jackie Kennedy jn kitten heels

Yesterday's fashion icons...
and today's fashion icons...

karla bruni kitten heels

victoria and anna in kitten heels

Taylor Swift in kitten heels

Giovanna Battaglia in valentino kitten heels

Reese in kitten heels

all photos and sources here

Modern, yet classic kitten heels...

366326  5291
from left to right, Kate Spade, Salvatore Feragammo, Bottega Venetta

Below, a fresh and modern take, are a few outfits that I've paired with kitten heels via Polyvore.

"Out on the town" by entertainingmom on Polyvore
"A night out on the town"

"Black and Cheetah" by entertainingmom on Polyvore
"Cocktail Hour"

"casual sophistication" by entertainingmom on Polyvore
"Perfect Transition :: Day to Night"

"Call of the Wild" by entertainingmom on Polyvore
"Out on the town and lunch with the girls"

What do you think of the return of the kitten heel?
Playful, stylish, sophisticated, sexy or just not for you?

Cheers it's "Friday Eve"!




Wendy said...

Love the kitten heel and those outfits you styled could easily be found in my closet too.

Sarah D said...

Love the day-to-night outfit! And, those Ferragamo heels are so pretty. I'm not as big a fan of the lower/smaller kitten heels.