Monday, November 19, 2012

Green with Envy :: Decorating with Green

Tory Burch's Living Room. In love with all of the green...especially that sofa!
Tory Burch's Living Room via Habitually Chic

Truth be told I disliked green for many years. I really don't know why but it never sat quite right with me. If you had asked me what my favorite color was I most likely would have said blue. Pale blues (and now bright and darker blues) have been my favorites for years. Blue (more specifically periwinkle) was my bedroom color in two of my past homes. It was tranquil, soothing and relaxing. My bedroom became my oasis, my sanctuary. The rest of my home was painted in bright and energetic colors. It wasn't until my last home that I decided to use the color green. I'd always grown up with green kitchens. My mother's kitchens were green as were her mother's. So when I looked to repaint the kitchen in my last home I looked to green, naturally.

I love the look below of the dark green, rich woods and the white subway tile, but our cabinets had more of a yellow undertone to them, and not blue... so I would need to find a brighter green.

Dark Green Kitchens | House & Home
via Canadian House and Home

Green kitchens
via Attic Mag

The green above (how I love that tile) resembles the green that I used to paint my walls. I had chosen Benjamin Moore's Leaf Green and it fit the room perfectly. We had a large eating space with large bay windows and large skylights overhead that looked over the large backyard that was bordered by thick, tall pines. It was almost as thought we were dining outside. The green paint was a way of bringing the outdoors inside... and this is when green became a favorite color of mine. Peaceful, energetic and at one with nature are the feelings that this room evoked.

I've since moved and I'm in a rental for the moment. While lovely and charming and full of character, (my home was built in 1941) the antique white walls are crisp and refreshing but they lack the personality and energy I am so used to. Of course I could paint, but then I would have to paint everything back to it's original state and that seems to me to be a waste of time and money. Instead, I will dream of the greens I will one day use in my home... 

lovely green nook
via Emily Clark Design

via Tumblr

And we ought not rule out green as an accessory... whether it be in a rug, curtains, a piece of furniture or a decorative piece such as a lamp or vase....

office space via @Adore Home magazine  www.adoremagazine...
via Adore Home Magazine

Green Spool Chair in the Bedroom
via House Beautiful

Polka Dot, styling by Emma Clayton; Photography by Joanna Henderson
via Bright Bazar

Love the door color...bold!
via Tartanscott

I do love this leaf green front door!

So what do you think? Are you green with envy?




judi said...

I used to have all white walls and use color for accessories until 2 years ago, when I went through my entire house with red, gray, blue, tan, purple (yes and it looks fantastic) and GREEN for my kitchen - I love my green kitchen!! Happy Thanksgiving Jessica!

Sarah D said...

Green has long been one of my favorite colors. But... it can be tough to get the "right" green. Green can be beautiful, but the wrong shade can be horrid! I think that's why many are a bit scared of it.

Home of a Magnolia said...

I love green, but have such a hard time choosing the perfect shade. Love the pics-give me great ideas.